Achievements and Giving Back in 2022

Achievents in 2022

Last year 2022 has been busy for BiCortex Languages and BiCortex Translations after the tumultuous and uncertain global panorama of the previous two years, but we have also emerged stronger with the changes we made. We are proud of many achievements and giving back in 2022.

Our company is more mature in terms of sustainability, DE&I, social responsibility and giving back to the community. We have been especially concerned by the Ukrainian war and we now run a number of initiatives to support Ukrainian refugees.

Giving Back 2022 to the Ukraine
Full group of Spanish volunteers and Ukrainian refugees

Achievements: Sworn and Certified translations in 2022

Our sworn and certified translation business unit continues to grow globally with more than 50 RMCs, DSPs and Immigration Law Firms trusting in our services and quality of our work in Global Mobility and beyond.

Achievements: Language and Cross cultural training in 2022

Our Language training and Cross-cultural training are now surpassing the pre-pandemic levels in terms of initiations and number of hours taught. While students became used to and even now prefer the convenience of online lessons with a live trainer – particularly when delivered through our bespoke teaching platform – many are now eager to return to in-person lessons and we are delighted to provide this wherever in the world it may be required.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Sparked by the war in Ukraine in March this year, our CEO Inigo Lopez drove over 6.000km to the Ukrainian-Polish border to drop off humanitarian aid and bring back 11 Ukrainian refugees with him to Spain.

Giving back in 2022: Free Spanish lessons for Ukrainian refugees

After this BiCortex was keen to provide meaningful long-term support and began offering free online Spanish lessons for Ukrainian refugees, helping them to integrate into Spanish society and the job market. We are delighted to have received donations from our partners in order to sustain this initiative. We have also employed a number of refugees within BiCortex as teachers or translators, allowing them to continue to work and earn an income.

Giving back in 2022: paradiGM and Relocate the Profit

BiCortex Languages joined two organisations this year, both with the aim to help the world community. Relocate the Profit, an initiative where different companies in the relocation industry come together to help raise funds for development projects. Beneficiaries have included Livingstone Tanzania Trust, an organisation that helps young people in Tanzania reach their full educational potential. ParadiGM community is a community of changemakers within global mobility who have taken a number of initiatives across the network including support for the NGO Ripple Africa.


Diversity, equity and inclusion awareness training was also carried out company-wide and BiCortex conducted a staff survey finding that: 75% of the workforce are women; 25% Black, Indigenous or People of Colour and 17% are LGBTQ+. We are also pleased to say that our senior team is made up of 60% women. We continue to look at ways of recruiting, mentoring and promoting and retaining diverse talent in order to foster an inclusive workplace and develop an ever-more successful business

Achievements in 2022: Technology

Technology has been at the heart of BiCortex Languages since its very earliest beginnings. We have always been a remote-based business and the key to our success in this field has been our proprietary digital attendance app and client database BiCortex Manager.

This year we introduced automatic invoice generation and improvements in notifications allowing customers, translators, trainers and our team to closely monitor all programmes whenever needed. Now in its fourth generation, this year we received European funds to invest in technology (FEDER funds) for its further development.

While in our fast-growing translations business have developed a secure platform allowing for exchange of files between our customers and BiCortex, as well as BiCortex and our translators as part of a fully GDPR-compliant solution.

Achievements in 2022: meetings and conferences

BiCortex is pleased that 2022 brought about the opportunity to attend worldwide events again. Inigo returned to EuRA in Seville and also ERC in Las Vegas, whilst Maggie attended Relocate Global, FEM and IBA all in London. The opportunity to meet clients, friends and our global mobility family was welcomed as you can see from the smiles.

It was also wonderful to be recognised at award ceremonies for our work, including Relocate Global, FEM EMMA’s and Premios Emprendedor XXI, both individually and in partnership with our clients. We are particularly proud of the ‘Core Values Award – Caring’ presented by Sterling Lexicon to BiCortex for our aid to the Ukrainians.

Meetings and conferences
Pictures meetings & events
Achievements Giving Back 2022
Care award from Sterling Lexicon

Once again, we are proud of all achievements and giving back in 2022, and we will continue to work hard in 2023. Thank you to all partners and customers for your trust and support.