Coding for kids - BiCortex Languages

BiCortex Languages’ online coding for kids program is taught by our team of trained and accredited instructors who specialize in working with children and adolescents.

Learning how to code and program on a computer are among the most useful skills of the digital age. And learning coding and programming is a guaranteed boost in a child’s intelligence and life opportunities. BiCortex Languages now offers online classes teaching coding for kids and teens.

Our modern online platform makes takes the mystery out of learning coding and programming and turns it into a fun new experience. Coding and programming skills are the newest and most in-demand languages of the digital age. It’s just like learning a second language that everyone wants to speak!

The Benefits of Learning Coding and Programming with BiCortex Languages

The world of coding and programming is an exciting and ever-evolving industry that needs people from all backgrounds – not just science and math lovers. Students will get to stretch their inventive minds and imaginations by solving real-world problems and working out unique solutions. Classes are taught by an expert instructor with a proven record of successfully instructing children.

It’s also not just sitting at a computer all day. Kids and teens will get to learn by doing – digging into complex new challenges, gaining the skills to solve them, and having fun while doing it. Coding teaches patience, abstract and logical reasoning, communication, and effective problem solving. Programming also instills time management and teamwork skills.

Coding for Kids Learning Paths

Online Group Lessons

  • Small groups of similar-aged students
  • Comprehensive instruction with Scratch programming language
  • Immersive learning with a BiCortex coding and programming instructor

Online Private One-to-One Lessons

  • Individual instruction for rapid learning
  • Course structured around student’s learning speed
  • Flexible lesson scheduling

What Will My Child Learn with BiCortex’s Coding Camp?

  • An exciting intro to coding

Beginner programmers are taught using Scratch, a child-friendly and visual coding language developed at the MIT Media Lab as a beginner-oriented introduction to coding. Its lighthearted, drag-and-drop style takes the frustration out of learning a technical skill and turns it into a low-pressure game that rewards thinking and creativity.

  • Develop Games, Apps, and Websites

Students will experience the ins and outs of visualizing, designing, and creating all sorts of digital projects independently and in groups to cultivate creativity, curiosity, and grit. 

  • Tech and People Skills

In addition to learning how to code, program, and use digital media safely, your child will also practice teamwork, boost their communication skills, and learn how to take initiative – all the skills that make for a successful and well-rounded person. 

Coding for Kids FAQ’s

Which programming languages are used?

Students learn using Scratch, a beginner-friendly programming language designed with children in mind to make programming fun, structured, and accessible. Scratch is an excellent tool for beginners thanks to its easy-to-use and appealing interface. Scratch breaks up the traditional method of text-based coding and turns complex commands into simpler “blocks” of controls. This allows children and new students to feel comfortable as they learn to use and manipulate their virtual environment. 

Will my child need to have advanced math or computer science skills to succeed in this course?

Not at all! This course serves as an introduction to the world of coding and programming. Programming, despite its reputation, is a skill that rewards creative thinking and imagination as much as it requires logic and reason. BiCortex’s coding for kids online course is designed to offer an enjoyable learning experience, whether your child loves art, writing, video games, science, or even just playing!

What’s the difference between coding and programming?

Although often used interchangeably, coding and programming are two different actions. “Coding” refers to writing computer code from one coding language to another. Imagine it like translating one foreign language to another, retaining the same words, intent, and ideas. “Programming” is using specific tools to develop software programs, as well as using those tools to fulfill other functions, like testing, debugging, and troubleshooting problems within that program. 

What will my child need to participate in the course?

Online courses require the following:

  • A desktop or laptop computer with a reliable internet connection
  • Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browser
  • Functioning speakers or a headset
  • A functioning webcam (optional)
  • A peaceful space for the student to learn 

Who teaches these programming classes?

BiCortex Languages’ online coding for kids program is taught by our team of trained and accredited instructors who specialize in working with children and adolescents. These digital natives come from the tech, education, and business worlds and use their diverse experience to draw out kid’s passion for learning. They are familiar with the latest trends in technology, video games, and social media, and strive to make every student feel welcome and supported.