Relocate the Profit

Helping other is and always has been part of our DNA. We believe that facts are more important that paperwork and policies. That is why as soon as we heard about Relocate the Profit, we joined the initiative.

Members of Relocate the Profit

BiCortex Languages is a member of Relocate the Profit, an initiative where different companies in the relocation industry come together to help raise funds for charity. We aim to make a real positive impact in the world, putting competition to one side for a greater good. This initiative welcomes RMC’s, DSP’s, household goods shippers, immigration offices, tax service providers, and every other company related to the job we all love so much. We join hands and instead of being on opposite sides, be on the same side and work together as a team.

Relocate the Profit was established in April 2022. The members have pledged to donate £1 for every invoice they raise to a charity chosen by the members.

Charities – Donations to Tanzania

At the moment, the donations collected are for Livingstone Tanzania Trust, a charity focused on getting children better access to education. They work with the communities in Tanzania to help young people reach their full educational potential. They aim to help break the barriers that prevent young people from getting quality education. This includes hunger, unhygienic toilets, lack of water, teaching staff or learning materials, to mention a few. Gaining new knowledge and skills opens doors to new opportunities. This in turn enables a person to overcome the challenges that have restrained them from reaching their potential. We hope that our commitment to will greatly support and change many young lives.

Do you want to join?

If you would like to learn more or become a member yourself, please contact us. You can also see other initiatives of BiCortex or join our Relocate the Profit LinkedIn group.

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