BiCortex Manager User Guide


As a trainer you are provided with a unique login and password when your first programme is confirmed. Please note that both your login and password are case sensitive. Please save these details for future reference.



Adding a lesson 

Once you log in, you are redirected to the “Add lesson”  screen. You can also click on the lateral panel to access it. 



  1. Select your learner – only active learners will be displayed, if you cannot see a learner which you think should be listed please contact your programme coordinator.
  2. Confirm the date of the class
  3. Confirm the lesson time, available in 15 minute increments. The class time must be accurate 

Attendance reports, customer information and your payment calculations are generated from BiCortex Manager, therefore please ensure your entries are 100% accurate. If you make an error it is not possible to correct it via the app, please contact your programme coordinator who will assist you.

ALL classes should be added immediately after the lesson has finished, regardless of whether it is face-to-face or online.

If a class has been cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice to the trainer, the lesson can be reported and the trainer paid accordingly. When adding the lesson please ensure you check the box, indicating it is a late cancellation. 

For face-to-face classes you should ask the learner to sign at your next meeting, for online classes they can be added without delay.


Confirming a lesson 

For face-to-face lessons you must show the screen to the learner, ask him/her to verify that all of the information is correct, including the lesson duration, inform them of the number of hours remaining and request his/her signature (only the learner can sign). 

  • Online lessons there is no signature required. You must confirm with the learner at the end of the month via email that the lessons registered are correct (if this has been requested). 
  • Group lessons the app will ask who is going to sign, please select one learner from the list and pass them your phone so that they can provide their signature. 
  • Please note that it is very important that you mark the attendance of all group members accurately.

Checking the number of  lessons done, authorized and remaining 

  • At any time, you can check the lessons done by each learner, including the number of remaining lessons. 
  • Please remember that we will not be able to pay for more lessons than the total number of authorised lessons, so it is important to be familiar with the progress of your programmes.


Feedback for face-to-face classes

Periodically during the course and just before signing the final lesson in the learner’s authorised package of hours, a pop-up may appear asking the learner to provide feedback about the training. 

Please hand your phone to them in order to encourage them to score the training. Do let them know that they do not need to share the feedback with you, they simply return the phone to you once feedback is sent. Please note that 5 is the maximum score. If they do not wish to provide feedback you may click on “Later” and skip this step. NB Not all programmes include this automatic feedback stage. 

Do not forget to ask the learner to sign for the class as normal once the feedback has been provided.


Corrections or edits to recorded classes

It is not possible to correct or edit submissions, please contact your programme coordinator if you think there is an error.

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Last Updated: 17/04/2024