Learning a new language

BiCortex Languages offers a premier global language service by providing the best online or in-person language-learning experience.

There has never been a better time to learn a new language. And learning a new language – French, German, Spanish, or any other language you can imagine – is easier and more fun than ever with BiCortex Languages’ online language lessons! Learning to speak a new language with BiCortex means that you learn from the best with:

  • Real-time lessons with live instructor feedback
  • Hands-on learning activities to keep you interested from day one
  • Cultural enrichment content to make you a global citizen
  • Relevant language lessons that can be used in your daily life
  • Flexible appointment options for your schedule

Online Language Lessons Options

Group Language Lessons

  • Live language lessons in groups of 3-8 students
  • Lesson plans structured for your fluency level
  • Online access to fully downloadable lesson materials
  • Flexible payment options

One-to-One Language Lessons

  • Private language lessons with a BiCortex instructor
  • Customized course tailored to your learning goals
  • Convenient rescheduling options and responsive support
  • Flexible payment options

The Benefits of Learning a New Language

A Brainpower Boost

Science has shown that learning a new language has proven benefits for your intelligence, memory, and communication skills.

Become a global citizen

Learn the language of your ancestors or learn a completely new one. BiCortex’s lessons help students gain appreciation for the unique aspects of all languages and cultures.

Open new life opportunities

Bilingual people stand out as candidates for employment and academic prospects. Learning a new language can open the doors to advancements in your career and life.

Online Language Lessons FAQ’s

What’s the right language for me to learn?

The right language for you to learn is the language that you want to keep learning. BiCortex Languages matches its clients with experienced instructors who ensure that lessons are engaging, relevant, and can be used in your everyday life from the beginning.

How long does it take to become fluent in a new language?

Fluency in a new language depends on how long you practice. Practicing speaking a new language every day will make you a fluent speaker faster than only practicing during class. That’s why it’s important to choose the right online language lessons for your goals.

What’s the right type of language lessons online for me?

Your learning goals will help determine the right type of language lessons for you. If you want to speak a new language, then small group classes with conversation partners is an excellent choice. If you are studying for a specific exam (such as TOEFL, IETLS, Cambridge, DELE, DELF, Goethe) or want to learn a specific form of a language, such as business speech, then private one-to-one lessons would focus on your needs.

Does BiCortex host in-person language lessons?

Yes! BiCortex offers in-person one-to-one language lessons for interested clients. Students can meet and work with an accredited instructor in a safe manner in accordance with local health mandates and protocols. And if life requires a change in your availability, BiCortex can easily transition your lessons to online.

Does BiCortex have online language classes for kids and teens, too?

We do! BiCortex offers language lessons online for teenagers and children ages 4+. Students can choose between small group classes of 3-5 students or private one-to-one lessons with an instructor experienced in working with school-aged children. Students are grouped into classes by similar ages and fluency levels so that they stay engaged and involved.

Language Lessons Online: What Sets BiCortex Apart

BiCortex Languages offers a premier global language service by providing the best online or in-person language-learning experience. Our thousands of satisfied clients have worked with our roster of over 100,000 instructors teaching over 45 languages and operating out of 89 countries. With BiCortex Languages, you’ll gain immediate access to:

  • Small and private language courses featuring the latest in teaching methods
  • Customized lessons from our roster of expert instructors
  • Convenient appointment system for your schedule
  • Online educational databases for quick access to course materials 
  • Prompt and courteous customer service for your questions or needs