In-person one-to-one lessons

BiCortex Languages provides you with one-to-one in-person language classes

BiCortex brings the curriculum to you

In-person one-to-one lessons, or face-to-face classes for adults allow for students to have optimal control and convenience in a language course. BiCortex’s in-person one-to-one lessons are perfect for adults who want to learn at their own pace, practice with a qualified trainer and receive lessons that fit their language goals. They’re also the easiest way to acquire a new language and BiCortex teaches more than 45!

BiCortex is responsive to student needs as they change, which is reflected in BiCortex’s sensitivity to requests for any alternate teaching arrangements. All one-to-one language classes for adults can be done in-person or moved to online  with the same teacher either on a temporary or permanent basis. BiCortex’s own proprietary virtual classroom means that language learners can make an easy and seamless transition without interrupting their progress.

BiCortex is committed to delivering safe lessons for all students and teachers during COVID-19. To ensure’s everyone’s health and safety lessons are undertaken in accordance with local laws/policies and the appropriate preventative actions are put in place.

BiCortex’s in-person one-to-one classes for adults:

  • Reach fluency fast by fast-tracking your language learning
  • We select you the right teacher with the appropriate background to suit your specific language goals
  • During the first lesson, the student will explore their course expectations (goals and learning style) with the teacher
  • The teacher will gauge the student’s overall language proficiency level in as well as assessing individual elements including reading, writing, speaking and listening 
  • The teacher will prepare a comprehensive training schedule (that is flexible and adaptable)
  • Students will be provided appropriate texts and additional materials by the teacher
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In-person one-to-one

Here is what you may expect from BiCortex Languages:

Once you get in contact with BiCortex, we will match you with a language teacher fitting your needs. We listen carefully to your requirements to ensure that we allocate the perfect teacher for you. However, you can rest assured that all of our teachers meet our stringent standards when it comes to quality and professionalism. Here is what you can expect from BiCortex teachers:

  • Fluency and academic accreditation
  • Extensive  teaching experience and professionalism
  • Customizable curriculum and methodology
  • Reliable technology that is student-centred
  • Intercultural fluency and cultural competency
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I highly recommend [my] teacher’s lessons. She is competent, confident and, above of all, friendly. I consider her our family friend now.

Vinícius M., a Brazilian learning English in Hungary